SkillsDMC is the global leader in skills standards for the Resources and Infrastructure Industry

SkillsDMC selected AMS (Cylinder) to design and develop their new corporate website with a supporting custom content management system. In addition SkillsDMC requested integration with an MS Dynamics system which had previously housed their CRM.

Several years later SkillsDMC re-engaged AMS to develop a more efficient MRM system that tied together a number of work-flows stemming from both the public website and internal back-end. SkillsDMC wanted to move away from the complex Dynamics integration to achieve a more streamlined and usable system to better manage their members, electronic communications, events and work-flows.


SkillsDMC has a number of different work-flows that are initiated by a logged in member from the website. Once registered and logged in, a website member can manage their own personal details in addition to gaining access to member-only pages.

A key element to SkillsDMC’s business is Industry engagement. This takes place through their website in the form of a Continuous Improvement Register, which allows a user to search through existing feedback and submit feedback on the Units of Competency which make up the Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package developed by SkillsDMC. Each time feedback is submitted it initiates a work-flow process where administrators can review the feedback, respond to the user, and apply a number of criteria to each instance of feedback. This communication may then be published to the website where other members can view and respond.

Online Shop

SkillsDMC is pleased to offer a range of materials, including learning and assessment materials for the RII Resources and Infrastructure Industry Training Package for purchase from their website, making these resources accessible to a broader market. Users can now browse the extensive resources catalogue and purchase any of these via the website.

Products are available for download after purchase.


Events are created from an easy to use template allowing differing ticket prices for members and non-members, google maps integration and several free text entry fields. Events can then be set to close at a future date, removing the need for further editing once made live.

Notifications of new registrations appear in the AMS dashboard and instigate a new workflow to track registrations. User information is captured during this process and used to promote further interaction between SkillsDMC and its stakeholders. The AMS presents all this information in a concise and tractable format for the internal management of events.


Reports can be generated at any time from the AMS dashboard. Data on event attendees, shop purchases and case management for the continuous improvement register can be instantly displayed, filtered and exported to Excel.