Whether you're into AFL, NRL, Super Rugby, A-League, cricket, tennis, V8s or horse racing, Box Seat will guarantee you’ll find great deals on corporate entertainment at unbeatable prices to suit any budget.

AMS worked with the BoxSeat team to build a product based website to work in collaboration with the stadiums, clubs and events to facilitate the offering of the best prices in corporate entertainment at sporting events Australia-wide.

Members are able to register with the site by following a basic signup process and nominating their preferred sporting codes and/or events. When deals become available related to their preferred sport, they are notified via email of the latest and greatest deals.

What did our client say?

Working with AMS has been an incredibly rewarding and enlightening process. Having worked with member based software companies in the past that over complicated things and watching our budgets blow out, AMS were a godsend. They are extremely flexible in their development approach, nothing was too hard and with every milestone being met and budgets adhered to, we're really pleased with the result. Most importantly the AMS guys developed a simple, uncomplicated and user friendly CRM that delivers absolutely everything we need to meet our customers requirements and expand our business.

Paul Robinson - Managing Director, Box Seat Corporate Entertainment P/L

Product Catalogue Management (PCM)

AMS is renowned for membership management software but we also have developed a powerful Product Catalgoue Manager for businesses that have more of a focus on eCommerce. Powered by our Work-flow Collaboration Manager, any type of sale process can be automated, in BoxSeat's case it is the sale of corporate entertainment at stadiums Australia wide.

Each deal displayed on the website has a number of business rules and processes driving each. Different ticketing applies to the different venues and each must follow its own business process when purchases are made from the site.

Advertising Management

Different sponsors are managed by the AMS ad manager. Each ad campaign is given a start and end date with reports available on click-throughs to measure the success of each campaign.